Life is full of adjustments. Some we can control while others we can't. So, how do we prepare? Or, better yet, how can we feel the Flow? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi studied and wrote about flow and the creative ideas. It's a great source of creative ideas and one I studied throughout my Masters Program. Back to adjustments. If we try to prepare for all the adjustments life gives us we will constantly be creating plans of which only one percent will actually happen. On the other hand, if we aren't prepared then we will not have the right tools to succeed as we would wish. Life is adjustments. Sometimes we can look forward to these changes and enjoy them as they come, but if they are negative or painful then we are struggling with the results and the effects of them. Only through a calm, focused, yet relaxed flow can we be ready for the future of unexpected adjustments. If we could tell the future than we would always be ready, but no one can fully know what the future holds, so we release our selves to flow. Yes, like an ocean, flow is important. And, with every flow there's an ebb. I used a song by Jon Jenkins from his fantastic album, Flow, as the ending of my Master's Performance. Because only after ebb can flow occur. So, as the life adjustments take hold, a drink won't solve it, nor will self abuse or neglect, only through the use of flow can we understand that success is not about money or fame, but about understanding, understanding our self. Because, as time turns and we reach our end in life, we will only be facing our self and only our self. Without the money or fame we can smile at who we are and flow.