Changes in the Wind

Sometimes we want to attempt a task or an activity, but we wait for the right moment to be inspired. Inspiration cannot be pushed or forced. Eureka comes when our mind is prepared, not when we think we are prepared. But, if we take that risk and step forward then we can discover that inspiration. Eureka will reveal itself and we can find the changes in the wind. The future reveals itself through the moments. Sometimes we must immerse ourselves in the task, or we must release our worries and frustrations about what needs to happen and allow ourselves to do what could happen. I say could because the next step is to reach to the possibilities when we develop what we can within our self. I took this journey when I decided to play the djembe. This African drum was a new experience for me. But, it opened my ideas and helped me to see what I am capable of creating. At first I experimented, then I learned how to play, and since then I've recorded music with it, collaborated with others, conducted workshops with it, performed with it and played it for theatrical productions. But, I would never have realized that possibilities. Take the risk and see what you can find in the winds of change. Below is my main djembe that I use when performing.