Long ago...yet so near

Do we ever leave out past? Yes, it is the past and some people move on, others obsess over mistakes, and yet others try to look back to only remember their fond memories. Of course that last idea only leads to denial. But, what's the balance? Well, if I could figure that out then I would have created my own religion, Pastology (the study of the present to comes to grips with the past in a balance of positive and negative ideas). Okay, so back to reality. The past shapes us and we have control of how it will do it (even if we pretend as if we don't). Or, at least we have control of how we understand the past. It's like watching a TV show that we enjoyed when we were a child, but now we think it's not as good as we remember? That's because our memory of what we saw and who we were at the time connected. We existed in the moment and that's what helped us become who we were, and who we are now. Allowing the moments to create themselves is what's important. The human mind will not connect to those negative memories unless they are provoked or when we choose to connect with them. But, the positive memories will stay strong within our everyday self. The sights, smells, touch of everything. What we hear and taste help us to grow. Matthew Fox discusses some of the importance of living in the moment (and incorporating spirituality) in his book, Creativity. But, it's important to realize that while we have regrets, we can embrace the moments we had and know that if we remove the regrets, the positive moments from the past will naturally surface. The mind is self-preserving, and will allow those positive thoughts.