Onward to the Creative Process

Had a success performing at First Night Spokane 2012.  Finished teaching a full quarter of HUM 201 (Humanities: Past, Present and Future with the concentration on the Creative Process) at Spokane Community College where I am the Theatre and Film Instructor. It was a great course to each for the students and myself. Not only did they learn about each other, they also gained more knowledge on the creative process as it applies to their individuality. We constantly look towards the product as the goal, but it is the process that is most important. Only through the process do we succeed. I am also producing and directing a few one acts in the Scenes of Life: Living in the Moment. This is an annual one-act festival where I train students to direct original submitted scripts. It's a fun and rewarding show. I am also finalizing a new CD, The Reign of Time. This is a true exploration into ambience and meditation with three tracks, with the longest track 40 minutes long. I will post the creative texts that I endorse and that are read by the students in the creative process class in my next post.