The Creative Process Through Life

Speaking to several people over the past week and teaching the Creativity Course for the second time as well as working on music projects and plays has made me realize how much people are obsessed with the product rather than the process. The process is a part of life and a part of who we are in life. We are born and develop how to walk, speak, gain awareness and begin to understand who and what we are in connection to the world. I am always reminded of Thomas Troward on his book titled The Creative Process in the Individual that discusses the full aspect of the creative process. I used this text and wrote notes in it and bookmarked it more than any work I read for my Master's Thesis. The book reminds us that the process is a part of life and is life. It's all about the process and not the product. When rehearsing for a play, I focus on the process, the product has its rewards, but the process brings enlightenment of self awareness and personal growth. The product only is a reflection on that process. That doesn't mean you don't want to share the product with others, but it does mean that the individual should focus on how his/her process evolves and encompasses the individual as a whole. Only the creator will have the full understanding of the meaning of the work. This is a very difficult concept for many people, especially in a society that focuses and concentrates on testing, evaluations and results. Yes, those can be important on an economical perspective, but they will not lead to growth or awareness of the present to create the future. The moment is paramount. That moment will never be again, so make it true.