What is the Time?

I think back to a song I wrote with with my wife, "Where Do You Go?" when we performed in Southern California as azure rising. We wrote about the struggles of life and what we need to do to choose how to see a situation. You can checkout the lyrics on on my songs tab at the top. You can also hear the song in my player at the top. But, better yet, you can purchase the album Lessons on my store page. But, now back to the point. The choices we make will always affect how we live and what we can become. But, sometimes those choices are risks and can lead to social failure and personal regret. A good business can make a failure into a success. Well, sometimes. But, when it is something we, our self, create, then it becomes very personal and the pain can run deep. A relationship is similar in many ways. We first give a part of our self, then we trust in the other person and finally a comfort sets in and we can enjoy the relationship. But, what if the person lies to us, or if the individual changes in ways that are hurtful to us? Well, now we feel the pain, personal pain that is similar to that of a social failure in the attempt of a creative process. That self awareness is lost. This is still the fear to take that risk. So, when is the best time to take the risk if it can lead to failure. Well, first, we create for our self. Next, we can choose to share that result of the creative process with others. But, that risk, while highly encouraged in competitive standpoint, can be counter productive if we allow that to be the deciding factor for our creative self worth. While we ask ourselves, when is it the time to create? I ask when is it not? What is the time?