What is the Truth?

As a theatre director I enjoy taking risks. Wether that is to update 1984 with a modern twist of placing it in 2084 with more technology and media or directing The Dining Room in an arena staging area, I enjoy taking these risks and helping to carry on the great tradition of sharing the plays that best illustrate the human condition. Now, I have chosen to direct and modernize Six Characters in Search of An Author by Luigi Pirandello. Considered a classic Theatre of the Absurd play, we follow the six characters as they enter a rehearsal for another play. But, as time has continued the play may not translate as clearly with modern audiences. Also, it's important to apply it to modern times. So, taking the Dover Thrift Edition of the play, I have decided to modernize elements of the play. I asked myself: what if the characters existed as real people at one time and Pirandello was writing a non-fiction play about them? And, what if their 'spirits' embodied others to reveal the truth? But, even better, what if the play that the actors were rehearsing was actually the play about the characters? This opened my mind to new possibilities. Instead of the play working as an intellectual, philosophical, and psychological study; the play would become a modern commentary with a mystery all it's own. This is the risk I have chosen to take. Now, after I cast the play let's see how well it works.