Who are You?

There are many ideas of what is real, who we are and what defines an individual. I don't mean a person, I mean an individual, someone who chooses to be the best they feel they can at the moment. That is what the creative fields are all about. Yes, money and recognition are very rewarding, but when you are alone, in the moments before sleep, you are with your own view of who you are which evolves through your choice. It may seem confusing, but it's the focus on the moment and caring about ourselves that is paramount. Not with an ego, but with general caring. It's difficult for many of us to do (it takes effort), but it is possible. Not all the time, but sometimes, focus on what you are capable and accomplish that, without expectation, without doubt. Only with the whole Self. As I continue on my creative journey, I continue to search for the moments as much as anyone. And, when I find them I hold them close to me.  Some lessons I've learned through my creative journey. Here's a few books that have inspired me.