Theatre Director

(Below: Adam C. Sharp with Jenn Sharp in The Dining Room)

Adam C. Sharp and Jenn Sharp Adam is an experienced theatre director who has directed in all stage types and performance levels. He has worked on projects throughout the country including educational and children's theatre. As a director, he is studied in many techniques such as Presentational and Representational acting (including Experimental Theatre), GOTE (Goal, Obstacle, Tactics, and Expectation), Improvisational Theatre, Method Acting, Psycho-physical Awareness and Physical Theatre as well as Oral Interpretation, Staged Readings, Reader's Theatre and Choreography. He is also experienced in directing classical and modern theatre.

 Adam C. Sharp Performance Resume 

Adam C. Sharp Show Directing Portfolio


Samples of Productions Directed by Adam C. Sharp

Bozzi Model Contest

Spokane Ultimate Model Produced by Bozzi Media

(Directed Program and Choreographed, Spokane, 2015)

Play On by Jack Sharkey

Play On! by Jack Sharkey (Ignite Theatre, Spokane, WA, 2015)


"The Shadow" Multimedia Performance (Spokane, WA, 2016)

Radius and the Robots

R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) by Karel Capek (Spokane,WA, 2013)

"Mystery Girl" Original Choreography with Olivia Hamilton (Spokane, WA, 2014)

Choreography by Adam C. Sharp

"What We Are" Original Choreography (Spokane,WA, 2013)

"Hands" by Michael Pacheco (Spokane, WA, 2014)


Tiny Tim's Christmas by Thomas Hischak (Liberty Lake,WA, 2013)



Radium Posioning

These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich (Spokane, WA, 2011)

Looking Over the Step-Daughter

Six Character in Search of An Author by Luigi Pirandello (Spokane, WA, 2012)



"Always" by Will Gillman (Spokane, WA, 2011)

Charlie Questions Veronica

Kill Me, Deadly by Bill Robens (Spokane, WA, 2011)




The Dining Room by A.R. Gurney (Directed with Arena Staging)

(Spokane, WA, 2010)

Ministry of Truth

Gerorge Orwell's 1984 Adapted by Robert Owen, Wilton E. Hall, J.

and William A Miles, Jr. (Spokane, WA, 2010)


In a Grove: Four Japanese Ghost Stories by Eric Coble (Spokane, WA, 2009)

Treasure Island by Joseph George Caruso (Theatre Arts For

Children, Spokane 2011)



Frankenstein by R. N. Sandberg (Spokane, WA, 2008)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Richard Abbott based on the novel by

Robert Louis Stevenson (Oregon, 2005)